Tungsten Carbide Products

Tungsten Carbide Products
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We provide our customers with premium quality Tungsten Carbide Products which are used for forging of nails, rivets, screws, wires, steel balls and bar drawing. These are used for various industry application such as:

  • Engineering: Work rest blades, Lathe centers, TC tips for Brazed Tools
  • Tungsten Copper: Electrodes for EDMs, Electrical contacts for switch gear.
  • Razor Blade, Jute, Cigarette Textile Industries: Conveyor and guide parts
  • Cutting Tool Inserts: For Ferrous, non-ferrous, wood, bakelite, textile, plastic and many other materials.
  • Heading and Wire drawing: Forging of nails, screws, rivets, steel balls. Wires and bar drawing.